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Vitaegen Biotech - Educational & Research Institute established in 16 September 2009 year to promote the prospects & scope of Biotechnology, Biological sciences & related field for pursuing a bright & promising career for the student of life Sciences graduates and post graduates. Vitaegen biotech provide expertise faculty for the Entrance preparation of JRF/SRF/NET and M.Sc. Biotech in top Indian Universities with selective & intensive study material, comprises of conceptual knowledge for entrance preparation of various Universities.
The another aspect of institute to provide hands on practical training in different fields of life sciences i.e., Biochemistry , Microbiology, Biotechnology, Molecular Biology targeted to develop conceptual knowledge by accomplishing student with critical thinking , analyses , design project with whole approach in life science area.
Initally with the limited resources Vitaegen Biotech team started promoting their view to get useful information & suggestion from the experts & scientists of the field who have encouraged & appreciated them by arrangement of seminar with student , their sincere & dedicated effort , method of teaching unique & felt free to ask there doubt in order to achieve or choose a career with promising value. Vitaegen Biotech recruits their own students required for accomplishment of project to explore the potential of students & it’s compatibility with real world.


I am extremely thankful to VITAEGEN BIOTECH institute. The credit of my success goes to my Vitaegen teachers because their excellent guidance, teaching skill and precise notes supports me to achieve my goal. Each and every topic Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Evolution, and Immunology was taught with equal interest and attention.
Finally, I will suggest to all biological sciences students who are preparing for various M.Sc. entrance test to join the VITAEGEN BIOTECH institute. I would like to say thanks to vitaeGen team for my success.
The training style and information that I received from the VitaeGen Biotech at training class has been invaluable! I just followed their instructions step by step and improved the practical skill . I learn something new every time I retake the class that improve not only practical hand but critical thinking for research . Thank you VitaeGen Biotech and all the teachers of this institute for their expert guidence.
I am greatly thankful to all techers of VitaeGen. They used to give some key words in each chapter every time during his teaching period, ther also gave me moral support in my tought time.
I would like to say my heartily thanks to vitaeGen biotech for my admissions. and one things i say heartly, I am not a very brilliant student but in this institute i learn many things
I am very indebted to the teachers of VitaeGen Biotech who have provided the right kind of foundation for me.They have helped to build a strong base with their explanations of basic concepts.They do the final polishing with their routinely class tests so the student is ready to take any examination.Hats off to the teachers of VitaeGen Biotech.


Our Selections

Shikha Srivatava

1- JNU Life Sciences
2- ICAR'S JRF (AIR-80)
3- BHU Biochemistry (Rank- 9th)
4- BHU Mole & Human Gen (Rank- 15th)
5- BHU Plant Biotech (Rank- 5th)
6- Allahabad Univ Biochem (Rank- 15th)
7- BHU ENS & Tech (Rank – 62)
8- KIIT Orrisa Biotech (Rank- 3rd)
9- Hyderabad Biochem (Rank- 19th)

Sanchari Chatterjee

1- JNU Biotech (AIR- 349)
2- ICAR'S JRF (AIR-120)
3- BHU Mole & Human Gen (RANK- 37)
4- BHU Mole & Human Gen (Rank- 15th)
5- BHU Zoology (Rank- 41)
6- BHU Biochemistry (Rank- 70)
7- Allahabad Univ Biochem (Rank-51th)


1- JNU Biotech (AIR- 281)
2- GGU Bilaspur Biotech (Rank– 2ND)
3- CSJMU Kanpur Biochem (Rank – 2ND)
4- UNI. Of Lucknow, Biochem
5- Allahabad Univ Biochem (Rank-83TH)
6- BHU Mole & Human GEN (Rank- 108)

Deepti Singh

1- BHU Botany (Rank -12)
2- BHU Plant Biotech (Rank-7th)
3- BHU Environmental SCI (Rank – 62)
4- BHU Bed Life Sciences (Rank-62)
5- BHU Mole & Human Gen

Sonam Rastogi

1- JNU Biotech (AIR- 638)
2- BHU Mole & Human GEN. (Rank -61)
3- Allahabad Univ Biochem (Rank -25TH)
4- BHU Zoology (Rank- 72)

Nasreen Bano

1- GGU Bilaspur Biotech (Rank – 3RD)
2- CSJMU Kanpur Biotech (Rank – 7TH)
3- BHU EVS & Tech(Rank – 120)
4- BHU Bioinformatic(Rank – 64) (Rank- 72)

Sanjana Srivatava

1- JNU Biotech (AIR- 457)
2- BHU Zoology (Rank- 18)


1- JNU Biotech (AIR-594)
2- BRA University Biotech (Rank- 17TH)
3- BHU Mole & Human GEN. (Rank -71)
4- Allahabad Univ Biochem

Walia Zehra

1- JNU Biotech (AIR- 377)
2- BHU Biochemistry (Rank - 36)
3- Allahabad Univ Biochem (Rank -26TH)
4- BHU Mole & Human GEN.

Sonam Gupta

1- BHU Zoology (Rank- 17)
2- Allahabad Univ Biochem (Rank -37TH)
3- BHU Mole & Human GEN. (Rank -57)

Deepanshi Jaiswal

1- BHU BIOINFO (Rank -18)
2- BHU BOTANY (Rank -45)
3- BHU MOLE & HUMAN GEN. (Rank -82)

Preeti Krisnathra

2- BHU Plant Biotech (Rank -26TH)
3- BHU Mole & Human GEN. (Rank- 53)

Diwakar Chaubey

1- JNU Biotech (AIR- 381)
2- CSJMU Kanpur Biotech (Rank – 81)

Rahul Kumar Singh

1- Upcatet Biotech (Rank-35)
2- CSJMU Kanpur Biochem (Rank – 12TH)
3- BHU Mole & Human GEN
4- KIIT Orissa Biotech


1- BHU Plant Biotech (Rank -10)
2- BHU Botany (Rank -108)


1- BHU Bioinformatics
2- BHU Agribusiness

Himanshu Singh

1- GGU Bilaspur Biotech (Rank – 4ND)
2- Allahabad Univ EVS (Rank -6TH)
3- CSJMU Kanpur Biochem (Rank – 22ND)

Sunita Pal

1- Upcatet Biotech (Rank -41)
2- Allahabad Univ EVS (Rank -32ND)
3- CSJMU Kanpur Biochem (Rank – 23)

Rakesh Kumar

1- CSJMU, Kanpur (Rank -9TH)
2- KIIT, Orissa Biotech


1- Upcatet Biotech (Rank -40)
2- CSJMU Kanpur Biochem (Rank – 28TH)

Anuskha Singh

1- Upcatet Biotech (Rank -36)
2- CSJMU Kanpur Biotech (Rank – 10TH)
3- Allahabad Univ EVS


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